Aeveen Fintan

The Chosen of Leryean. Enemy of the party.


Aeveen was made Leryean’s Chosen a few thousand years ago, when the goddess of the sun required one. She is constantly provoking the goddess into war, first with the elves and then with Aithne. She still believes that Aithne, the goddess of fire, should relinquish her portfolio to Leryean; the last war that happened over it was enough to send Aithne into a near-dead coma. Aeveen heads the charge for destroying all fire goddess items and places of worship, thus making Fionn a serious thorn in her side.

She is supposedly the most powerful person on Gala. Soerhyllis of Iressil, much to her ire, isn’t far behind.

Aeveen Fintan

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