Gala: Sun & Flames

The Forgotten Temple
Session 1

Fionn Malendar is a farmer from the area surrounding Felfyr — the largest human settlement on Gala.

Felfyr is wild with rumors of a possible temple belonging to Aithne that the Leryeanites have found. 200 years ago, followers of Leryean, the goddess of the sun, reduced the goddess of fire’s religion to a few scattered believers. Any and all property or paraphernalia that might have once belonged to Aithne’s religion is hunted down and confiscated, and then usually destroyed, by the Leryeanites. Leryean’s temple is looking for adventurers who want to go find this lost fire temple and loot it for all it’s worth.

Fionn goes to Old Seamus’ pub and hires Viarri of Iressil, Etar Bloodwar, and Tierney Callum. The four of them find Aithne’s hidden temple in the South Shore Region, not far from the Shell Peninsula where Felfyr sits. The first floor is mostly flooded, but they find some gold and expensive items left behind by the last of Aithne’s following. They also find a baby corsus — a half-dragon, half-unicorn created by magic, often used by the elves for transport, and renowned for being evil predators — and Fionn manages to tame it.

The basement level of the temple is like a series of caverns and tunnels. Brutes and nauch have taken up residence. Fionn finds a small place of worship and is approached by the avatar of Aithne. Since Aithne is supposed to be comatose from the loss of power, she appears confused and mistakes Fionn for her Chosen. She asks her “Chosen” to continue ridding the dungeon of all the monsters, then to collapse the basement levels so that nobody can get back in and desecrate the place again.

Fionn completes the task and Aithne makes him her new Chosen; unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that he gets to be immortal and have tons of power, because Aithne herself is practically powerless.


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