Gala: Sun & Flames

The Temple Dungeons

Session 7

Fionn, Cayden Banning, and Keelie come up into the temple dungeons. They kill a couple of guards, and then find Etar dying in one of the prison cells. Etar says that they didn’t really care to do much to brutes, so they’ve more or less just left him for dead, but they do have Viarri and are trying to extract information from her about the elves. Etar dies, and Fionn takes his party further into the dungeon to look for Viarri.

They kill some more guards and soldiers who try to stop them, and are reunited with Catriona of the Morning Star. She is not impressed, since Fionn revealed her elven heritage to the entire village of Sunsholme before he left, thus ruining her in their society and forcing Aeveen Fintan to bring her back to Felfyr for things to blow over. She’s lost all status and has nothing to lose, so she puts up a bit of a fight with Fionn. However, at the end, Fionn has told her a few things about Aeveen’s actions that clicked, and she agrees that it’s Aeveen ruining Leryean’s religion, not the other way around. Catriona joins the party (with the other option being that she dies horribly), and tells them that a group of people just kidnapped Viarri. It’s rumored to be the Lord of Ravinwell, Farlagh, who was supposed to be on Aeveen’s side.

Fionn calls his corsus and flies north to Ravinwell.



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