Gala: Sun & Flames

The Shrine of Sacred Fires

Session 2

Leaving Aithne’s hidden temple, Fionn and co. decide to go straight back to Felfyr. Before Fionn leaves, he receives a map from Aithne’s avatar that points him in the direction of her main shrine. The Shrine of Sacred Fires is the last barrier preventing Leryean from taking Aithne’s fire portfolio.

On the way back, Tierney insists that the map should be handed over to the Leryeanite church, and Fionn will be rewarded greatly. However, Fionn decides to keep the map. Tierney is bound by duty and can’t let Fionn out of sight as long as the map is in his possession, so Tierney and Fionn go back to the Malendar farm while Viarri and Etar go into Felfyr. Tierney still insists on taking the map; when Fionn refuses again, Tierney has Fionn taken to the Dawn Temple of Leryean in Felfyr.

Fionn meets the Chosen of Leryean, Aeveen Fintan. When Fionn still won’t hand over the map and manages to escape, Aeveen sends her lackeys to burn the Malendar farm. Viarri has her corsus already waiting outside of town, and asks Fionn if he wants to return to Iressil, the mountain city of the elves, with her. Fionn decides not to take on the Leryeanites that are killing his family, and flees to Iressil with Viarri.

In Iressil, Fionn meets the Chosen of Iressa, Soerhyllis of Iressil. Soehys says that, since Leryean and Iressa are constantly fighting over human and elven supremacy, she’ll help out Fionn whenever she has the time. She uses a bit of her power to bring over Etar and reunite the party. It’s a shorter trip to the Shrine of Sacred Fires from Iressil than from Felfyr, so the three head down the mountains.

The Shrine of Sacred Fires is located in a giant chasm called Beyond Hope. Fionn finds the way down the wall of the chasm and they head down to the shrine. They enter the main building, carved right into the rock, and find that Aeveen and Tierney have beaten them to the chase and are waiting by the actual shrine area. Because the shrine is still technically owned by Aithne, and she now has a Chosen alive to speak of, Aeveen can’t take over the shrine without getting rid of Fionn first. Tierney insists that he be allowed to fight instead of Aeveen, because her protection is more important.

Fionn defeats Tierney, and Aeveen decides to let Fionn keep the shrine for now until she can beat Tierney into a better lackey. Fionn, Viarri, and Etar take over the Shrine of Sacred Fires, making it a home base — along with Sorley, Fionn’s baby corsus from the hidden temple.



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