Gala: Sun & Flames

The Sevarra Mines

Session 9; The beginning of the second part of the campaign.

It’s been one year. Aeveen Fintan’s forces have backed off, and Fionn Malendar has holed up in the Shrine of Sacred Fire with his companions. His son, Tyrel, is born. With everybody back in fighting shape, Fionn is looking for something to do.

Fionn receives a letter from the mayor of Sevarra, an elven city to the south of Iressil. Fionn goes there with his party to make a potential ally. Monsters have been erupting through the sewage system and have more or less forced the nearby mines to be evacuated, so Fionn & co. is asked to take care of it.

They enter the mines and find that many of the uncompleted tunnels have been further dug out by the monsters. The new tunnels lead right under the city. They kill the monsters there and then progress deeper.

They come across a band of brutes living deep into the earth. The brutes claim that it is their god, Emberstone, who commands them to do this. Nobody in the party has heard of a god named Emberstone, but the brutes are very insistent that Emberstone is a god and start screaming and dancing to the sound of his name. Screaming “EMBERSTONE!!!” is still a running gag in the campaign. I guess he liked the brutes.

Progressing deeper into the mines, they start to come across lava flows and obsidian deposits. Chilling in one of the flows is what looks like an enormous obsidian dragon, who is only an adolescent. This is Emberstone, and he has proclaimed himself a god. Some people who were missing from Sevarra are down here to be sacrificed to him. Using Emberstone’s large size to their advantage, Fionn and the party actually manage to kill the poor dragon and are able to free the Sevarran citizens. The brutes run for their lives, because they sure as hell don’t want to mess with somebody who can kill a “god”.

The mayor of Sevarra is grateful for the help and the return of his people. He offers assistance should the need to fight Aeveen ever come up.



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