Gala: Sun & Flames

The Puzzle Tomb

Session 5

Fionn, Cayden, and Caitlin arrive in Tempo without issue. They find Cayden’s wife and daughters hiding out from Leryeanite clerics in the tavern. Fionn sends Cayden and Caitlin back with Cayden’s family to travel back to the Shrine of Sacred Fires, where they’ll be safe for sure, and Fionn seeks out the sidhe sorcerer called Prism Winters.

Prism is around town, and takes the letter of recommendation from Soerhyllis of Iressil very seriously. Iressa and the Fey Queen are close allies; Soehys is the Chosen of Iressa, and Prism is the Chosen of the Fey Queen. Prism tells Fionn to meet her in the Fey Cairns, a reputedly haunted grove not far from Tempo.

When Fionn arrives at the Cairns, his corsus, Sorley, refuses to go past the opening in the trees that allows into the large grove. Sorley takes off as soon as Fionn dismounts, and Prism tells him it’s because corsi are creatures of undeath and this is where the dead come to rest. Prism leads Fionn down a beaten grass path, between gentle hills that contain graves. At the end of the path is a stairway underground, and Prism explains that this is the entrance to the Puzzle Tomb. The Puzzle Tomb is the Fey Queen’s way (and Prism’s way) of testing gifted sorcerers on wit and magical ability.

Fionn enters the Puzzle Tomb, and finds himself in a maze of rooms that contain traps and monsters. Most notable are Tomb Guardians, who wear magical armor of hammered gold. When Fionn defeats them, he takes the toughest armor for himself. At the very end, an illusion of Tierney conceals a Tomb Guardian, and Fionn defeats it and exits the Tomb.

Prism accepts Fionn as a temporary apprentice, more or less just to hone his skills to be used against Aeveen. Fionn and Prism train in the Fey Cairns for six months.



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