Gala: Sun & Flames

The Felfyr Catacombs

Session 6

Fionn returns from his six-month training session with Prism Winters, only to find that Viarri and Etar have gone missing. They were last seen going to Felfyr to do some espionage on the Leryeanites, and were never seen after that. Fionn and Cayden Banning go to Felfyr, careful not to be caught, and visit Old Seamus’ Pub to see what they can learn.

Old Seamus saw a man who fits the description of Tierney Callum in the same timeframe that he saw Viarri and Etar. The two companions were frequenting his pub for the week, and then the man disappeared and they did soon after. He says that he overheard a cleric talking about a couple of new prisoners, so it’s likely that they were taken to the Leryeanite temple. Seamus suggests using the catacombs under the city to reach the temple dungeons, which are supposed to have a guarded entrance down there.

Fionn and Cayden make their way through the catacombs, defeating numerous enemies and even a sea serpent (which we’ve named Lenny) who was sucked into the sewage (somehow), before finally arriving at the guarded entrance. There is a sidhe woman, Keelie, who offers to help them get past the obsidian dragon guarding the entrance. The dragon’s name is Arthfael and Fionn pulls some really good Diplomacy rolls, so Arthfael agrees that he’s not exactly living the obsidian dragon dream while he’s being trapped down here to guard the temple. Fionn releases the collar that binds Arthfael, and the dragon says that he can be summoned by his full name (Caelarthfaellatrixil) if they need aid in the future. With that he leaves, and Fionn is free to enter the temple with Cayden and Keelie.



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