Gala: Sun & Flames

The Druids of the White Hind Woods

Session 3

It’s time to get more allies on the side of Aithne. Fionn brings Viarri and Etar a short distance from the Shrine of Sacred Fires to the White Hind Woods, home of the often strange and never understood druids.

The druids are having some sort of ritual to the wind goddess, Mealla, when Fionn and co. arrive. The druids kill a horse in sacrifice and then start doing some sort of dance. The elder of the druids greets the party; Fionn asks if there’s anything they can do, and the elder mentions that they’ve been having an issue with rogue necromancers from Iressil taking over their main shrine. The largest druidic shrine in the White Hind Woods pays respect to all four of the elemental gods — including the thought-to-be-dead Aithne.

Fionn and co. go to the elemental shrine and descend a spiraling stair into a large domed room. There are four pillars with unlit candles set into them, and three doors; the fourth door seems to already be broken down and entered. The remaining three doors have riddles written on them, each corresponding to an element, and when answered correctly they open. Fionn successfully enters each of the rooms and destroys the rogue necromancers within, except for one. Carnelian Rubissir is an elf from Iressil, and he was planted within the shrine to spy on the rogue necromancers. Carnelian returns to Iressil after he’s freed.

The druid elder is ecstatic that the shrine has been cleared, and in return pledges allegiance to Fionn and sends one of his druids back to the Shrine of Sacred Fires with him. Hearn is a human druid who happens to follow Aithne, so he’s a perfect fit.



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