Gala: Sun & Flames

Scully's Library

Session 10

Soerhyllis of Iressil, the Chosen of Iressa, sends a message via corsus rider for Fionn to go see her. When he arrives in Iressil, he finds Soehys at the Dusk Shrine, as always. She’s very excited to see him and shows him some research she’s done on a weapon. The weapon, a longsword, was commissioned by the elves of Iressa to the craftsmen of Lavery and it was said to be designed specifically for destroying Aeveen Fintan. It was never used and its power might be drained, but it certainly still exists and Soehys thinks that the hidden library of Scully, which is Scully’s main shrine, should contain it.

Fionn gathers his party and goes out into the Lurk to find the hidden library. It takes about a week before it finally shows itself to them. When they enter, Fionn reads a book on Rune Magic and gains the skill for such, as well as basic knowledge of runes. Going down into the main part of the library is a series of rooms that are strangely relevant to his interests; Viarri mentions that, though this library supposedly holds all sorts of ancient artifacts from the world’s history, Scully may only want them to see this much.

After defeating some monsters and coming across a very helpful chimera, Fionn finds the longsword and is able to take it. In order for the longsword to be completely repowered, he needs to charge it with: the essence of a storm; the dark of a lunar eclipse; the slain soul of a traitor; the tears of a goddess; and the blood from weeping earth. After some more monster-killing and book-reading, he learns that this means he needs to: go to Arcite and collect the crystal powering the endless storms; take water from the Dusk Shrine in Iressil, which is said to be the darkness of the moon that Iressa keeps for her eclipses; kill somebody who’s betrayed him, or really just betrayed anybody, with the sword; go to the Starlight Path, a series of rivers leading to Moriath’s shrine, and find the source of the river, which was supposedly created with Moriath’s tears; and go to Calamity Keep where the experiments of a lich and a necromancer supposedly cause the earth to weep blood.

After the library is extracted of all useful knowledge, Fionn goes to Iressil and collects the dark of a lunar eclipse with Soehys’ permission. She suggests that he talk to Viarri about finding the Starlight Path; Viarri is an initiate of Moriath, and only they know where the Path that leads to the source of the waters is. It’s supposed to be nearby.



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