Gala: Sun & Flames

Ravinwell & The Battle on the Terrace

Session 8

When Fionn arrives in Ravinwell, he finds Lord Farlagh has taken in Viarri. She’s pregnant, hopefully with Fionn’s child, and looks like hell after the torture she received from Aeveen’s soldiers. Lord Farlagh admits that he’s actually an elven sympathizer and when he heard about their new prisoner he couldn’t help but try to save her. He agrees to offer reinforcements for Fionn if he needs them.

After a few days of just exploring Ravinwell, they return to the Shrine of Sacred Fires. Tierney Callum is waiting on the terrace for them, there to kill Fionn once and for all. Fionn and Tierney have a duel of both magic and swordplay, with Fionn trying to subdue Tierney but not kill him. When Tierney finally won’t listen to anything that Fionn is saying, Fionn casts a fireball and it throws Tierney back off the terrace, sending him flying down into the ravine and icy waters below. They don’t hear a splash.



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