Gala: Sun & Flames

Assault on Sunsholme

Session 4

Fionn finds out from Soerhyllis of Iressil that his younger sister wasn’t killed with the rest of his family, and she’s in a Leryeanite town of clerics called Sunsholme. Soehys gives Fionn extra information about the town in a letter, complete with blueprints of the main clerical building and instructions to seek out a sorcerer named Prism Winters once he’s done here, for more advanced training to help with the fight against Aeveen.

Fionn goes to Sunsholme and seeks out a guard named Cayden Banning. Cayden is the Captain of the High Guard and is reputed to not enjoy his job. After some convincing on Fionn’s part that he really isn’t a spy for Aeveen, Cayden admits that he doesn’t approve of Aeveen’s actions of warmongering across Gala. Cayden agrees to help Fionn get his sister back.

Fionn spends a few weeks in Sunsholme posing as a guard-in-training, and then one night he pays off the master of the younger students to go to a bar and to not go in the barracks where the kids are kept. Fionn sneaks into his sister’s room and tries to convince her to go with him, but she’s still young and the Leryeanites have been feeding her lies about Fionn being responsible for their family’s death. Fionn casts Sleep on her, and Invisibility on himself, and carries her out into the hall.

Unfortunately, the head of the Sunsholme branch of Leryeanites sees a floating child headed for the door and stops them. Catriona of the Morning Star, an odd mix of cleric of Leryean and druid of Moriath, battles Fionn and she’s winning, but Cayden shows up and rescues Fionn’s sister so that Fionn can focus on the battle. Catriona still manages to win, and imprisons Fionn for “questioning”.

Before he’s tortured, Fionn and Catriona banter on some more. Fionn has spent the last few weeks spreading rumors about elven warfare, and he buys enough time before his corsus gets the cue to start swooping over Sunsholme. Sorley scares the shit out of everybody and the rumors of elven warfare are taken seriously. Catriona, instead of detaining Fionn, lets him go at the last second to deal with everybody outside. Fionn notices that Catriona is half-elven — something that clerics of Leryean normally despise.

As Fionn escapes, he spreads the word about Catriona’s elven heritage before jumping on Sorley and escaping. He meets up with Cayden and his sister, Caitlin, who are on foot. They go to a sidhe town called Tempo, where Cayden says that his family should be hiding by now.



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